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Solutions for the glass industry
Palletizer and depalletizer

The palletizing system we offer is designed to form and stack individual as well as grouped packages on a transport unit. Depending on the configuration, it can operate in an automatic work mode - without additional maintenance - or in a semi-automatic work mode - when the operator sets the direction of head movement. We also retrofit our systems with auxiliary equipment to remove spacers between product layers and between individual packages, etc.


We adjust the operating parameters individually, according to your needs. For this purpose, you should specify:

  • Desired cycle - automatic or semi-automatic;
  • Transport standard - presence of dividers, dimensions of the transported product;
  • Area allocated for palletization.


Our equipment is used in the following processes:

  • Palletizing - single packages are transported, arranged, stacked and successive layers formed;
  • Depalletizing - it can be located at the beginning of the production line, where the delivered packages are unpacked and supplied to the production line.


We retrofit our system with the necessary auxiliary equipment.


Everything operates in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

mproving Occupational Safety

Equipment made in accordance with CE and your requirements.

Express assembly

Equipment made in accordance with the plug&play philosophy. We always install equipment without long downtimes.


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