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Zakład Usług Technicznych Jerzy Kunzek

We have been operating as Zakład Usług Technicznych Jerzy Kunzek since 1991. Our specialities include providing comprehensive customer service to general industry, offering production lines, equipment and components. Starting from the first visions and concepts, we work closely with and take care of all our customers, offering comprehensive execution and implementation of turnkey solutions. We manufacture equipment according to customer needs and in accordance with CE standards.

We specialize in matching optimal solutions, designing, manufacturing, installing our equipment and process lines in the final location. The systems we manufacture are covered by warranties, and our group of engineers provides technical assistance if necessary.

After our product warranty expires, you may still take advantage of post-warranty service. After the warranty period we can still provide further maintenance services. We also carry out repairs and adaptations of machine assemblies, on-site and at our premises.

ZUT Kunzek in numbers


Number of employees


Number of locations

3000 m^2

Production locations

> 1000

Number of projects successfully completed each year


Glass industry

We supply glass packaging manufacturers with equipment used in transporting, sorting and packing on cold end lines.

Automotive industry

We supply production lines, equipment and components based on your technical documentation.

Industrial Automation

We automate manufacturing processes for individual needs, including in other industries.

Storage systems

We manufacture intelligent high-bay warehouses for production materials and semi-finished products.

Food industry

We design and manufacture the equipment used in the food industry. We make our equipment from stainless steel and customize it according to your needs

On-site handling

We offer a complete range of products to configure equipment to meet special needs. As a one-stop supplier, we also provide software and tools to support equipment operation.

Prototypes: Dedicated solutions

We offer dedicated prototype solutions tailored to individual needs, based on our 30 years of experience in design.

CNC services

Zakład Usług Technicznych Jerzy Kunzek (Technical Services Company) offers: Laser cutting, CNC press bending, CNC machining and CNC robot welding.

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Call the number: +16 621 26 09 Or email us: kontakt@zutkunzek.pl.


Email. kontakt@zutkunzek.pl

Phone. +16 621 26 09

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