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2D laser sheet metal cutting


  • 6000 x 2000 mm - maximum sheet size
  • 25 mm - maximum cutting thickness of steel, derivative steels
  • 20 mm - maximum cutting thickness of stainless steel
  • 12 mm – maximum cutting thickness of aluminium

Machine zone

We have a 2D TRUMPF L5030 and Yawei fibre laser cutter, operated by experienced staff.
We guarantee 100% repeatability, high cutting quality and the technology best suited to your guidelines and needs. We provide accurate and immediate quotes within the shortest possible delivery times.


Tolerances to 0.02 mm.

Best quality edge

No additional processing required.

Unlimited possibilities

Any shape of the cutting path.

100% repeatability

Cutting holes with a diameter smaller than the thickness of the sheet metal.


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Phone. +16 621 26 09

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